lördag 10 oktober 2009

The UAF are at it AGAIN! (and we, the taxpayers fund them!)

English Defense League

Fighting against Militant Islam

Trouble flared up in Harrow today as Muslim Thugs, once again, were incited to violence by the British Government funded militant group (UAF) who are being named "United against Freedom" after recent events. We would like to state that none of our members were present at today’s attempted peaceful protest, and 9/11 memorial which was due to be held in the Town, but was stopped by police due to fears of violence by the UAF who seem to have close links to Islamic Fundamentalism.

The question is, why are these people funded by us, the taxpayer? We would like a full investigation into this group who are fully backed by members of various "Left-Wing" political parties, including the Labour Party, and the Conservatives. Individual supporters names can be found here.

Everywhere this group of Anti-English Fascists go, trouble starts. They must be stopped.

Today, a group called "Stop the Islamification of Europe" (SIOE) had organized a peaceful protest at the position of the UK's largest Mosque, in Harrow, and also had planned to commemorate the death's of nearly 3000 innocent people who were killed by Islamic Fundamentalists 8 years ago today in the World Trade Centre, New York.

Is this cause for a group of around 1000 Muslims backed by the UAF to cause riots, and throw fireworks and bricks at Police? Especially when Police advised the local community that only 15-20 demonstrators from the SIOE would be attending (there were around 16)? What is with the UAF? The scenes earlier reminded me of scenes in wartime Afghanistan or Iraq.

They have caused violence at demonstrations we have held in Birmingham, and we only protest against Islamic Fundamentalists. The UAF are a group of thugs, and cause violence everywhere they go. It certainly raises an eyebrow to say the least.

So, lets sum this up. The English are not allowed to insult Islamic Extremists, or Islam in any way, and we have also been denied our freedom to commemorate the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

What ever happened to Democracy and freedom of speech? The whole World saw what these thugs did today. This should have been a day of International mourning.

BBC footage can be found here.

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