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Anti Al-Qaida's Official Ideology

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SPA is a registered office in the European Union . Our director is Mr. D.A.S, holds a master’s degree from EU and has twenty years of experience in religion and he is specialist in anti-terrorism’s  ideology.

What are our goals ?

Our knowledge , experience and the facts confirms the following:

  • Military war can not eliminate the official terrorism

  • Security measures .( may prevent some actions, but can not eliminate terrorism)

  • Leaders and kings of the Arab and Islamic countries can not eliminate the official terrorism

  • Books and articles and films that attack the Islamic parties , groups and Muslim , can not eliminate the official terrorism

  • Web sites which write about terrorism can not eliminate the official terrorism . Even its solutions and proposals did not and will not lead to the prevention of terrorism

  • International strategic plans can not eliminate the official terrorism

  • Ex-Muslims. Their methods of fighting terrorism lead to negative results for several reasons

  • Promotion of democracy and multiparty politics in the Arab and Islamic countries , can not eliminate the official terrorism

  • Cooperation with ” moderate ” Muslims and imams , can not eliminate the official terrorism and lead to negative results

  • Fighting al-Qaeda, killing or imprisonment of Osama bin Laden or even eliminating all Islamic terrorists organaization , can not eliminate the official terrorism

  • Attempt to integrate Muslims into European societies will not succeed without using a very tactical and special plan

  • Arab-Israeli peace and a Palestinian state can not eliminate the official terrorism

  • Israel and USA are not causing terrorisms

Our strength is our specialty and ability to analyze the words and acts of any imam, Islamic centers, ordinary Muslims, Sects, Party , Presidents…etc… , to provide our non-Islamic countries with exceptional informations , reports and strategic plans with real solutions to eliminate the Terrorism’s Ideology and to integrate Muslims in non-Islamic socities.

Some of our strategic and uniques plans:

  • To counter the official terrorism’s ideology  in a manner conducive to positive results

  • To integrate most of the Muslim in non-Muslim communities ( Our solution is the only hope )

  • To secure Israel’s National Security

We hope to serve the global security through our web site.

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Anti Alqaida

It is known that the non-Islamic countries ,such as Denmark , Sweden Germany , United States of America …etc… has done everything in its power to integrate Muslims into non Islamic societies and the reuslt is

that all efforts to integrate them have failed and we still having problems with Muslims ,such as :

  • Honor crimes

  • The problem of mixing of women with men,

  • The Veil, which is one of the persistent and dangerous problems

  • Halal meat

  • Non-recognition of our non-Islamic law

  • The refusal of some school materials such as dance, the culture of sex, mixed swimming, studying the history of the Holocaust …

  • The beating of women and children .(according to their imams official ideology)

  • Accusations that we stand in solidarity to convert their children to Christianity

  • Their continued support for jihad

  • Their love and support to terrorist organizations like Hamas and other

  • Hatred for all our nations, because we recognized Israel as a state

  • Working on the Islamization of our countries

  • The use of violence by burning and throwing stones, especially when it comes to criticism of Islam or Muhammad ( most of those doing so were born in our countries !)

  • Rejection of freedom and democracy

Why all efforts have failed ?

Of course the main reason for the inability to integrate of Muslims into our societies is the doctrine of the official imams which its main base is the rejection and prohibition . However, let me recall briefly some of what their official ideology reject from our societies to assure you that their faith is the main reason which prevents them from integration:

  • Our law

  • Our freedom and democracy

  • Our Ethics ( according to their religion , we have bad ethics)

  • Non-Halal meat

  • Some of our schools materials and the science , which according to all imams , affect their belief or the principles of Sharee`ah

  • Our feasts and Churches

  • Our Politics

  • Our recognition and support to Israel

  • Our rejection to the sharia

  • Fighting against terrorism and terrorists such as ,Taliban , Al- Qaeda and the Islamic terrorist organizations in Iraq
  • Our protection and care for Muslims who leave Islam

The result is obvious and can not be contradicted . Which also means that we should transform our societies to Islamic societies, and integrate ourselves in it !

Mistakes in the process of integration

Of course, there are continuing attempts to integrate Muslims, but our non Islamic countries have done some strategic mistakes in their integrations plans which in fact prevent the integration , such as:

1- Cooperation with the mosques and Islamic centers !

This mistake was and still the most dangerous because such cooperation is a cooperation to prevent the integration of Muslims . Some of the proves are:

  • The main objective of mosques and Islamic centers is to prevent the integration

For example, the Islamic centers and mosques in Sweden , which strategically focus to control muslims and support centers and mosques in the other Nordic states , asserted :

The principle aim of the foundation of a mosque is to save the Muslims from melting ( integrating ) in the Swedish society

(( objective ….To protect Muslims from slipping out of the Islamic way of life ))

(( Unite Muslim youth preserve the Islamic identity and protect it from melting and the deviation in the Swedish society ))

(( ….. protection of children from the melting in the Swedish society ))

( Plz note that all Islamic centers and Mosques in all non Islamic countries have identical ideology. ))

- The Islamic centers and Mosques second objective is to fight the non islamic values: They said:

(( To assimilate Muslims and in a society which has no values , unacceptable and must be fought ))

They mean , that any society follows other than the teachings of the imams , is considered a failure and that Muslims must fight its values . Therefore, 90% of muslims believe that our societies are communities of adulteress and corruption because we don’t prohibit women from being dressed up in modern dresses , mixing up with men and having boyfriends, drinking alcohol, dancing and swimming with the men, wearing bikini on the beaches, to be a leader, to learn and to teach sex education …etc… So, how can be possible to believe that Islamic centers do accept to integrate Muslims into our societies ! However , as a former Muslim spent nearly seven years with imams and in mosques, assert that such rule is one of the most dangerous rules which the official imams created in God’s name , in order to isolate the woman and to prevent the integration of Muslims with non-Muslims. While the original Islam’s values are identical with non muslims values. This was one of the reasons which lead me to convert from the muslims imams ideology.

  • The Islamic centers and Mosques third objective is to fight the Christianity

One of the reasons one of the reasons which made them to open Islamic centers, mosques and schools in non-Muslim countries, is to fight Christian , to prevent preaching of Christianity to Muslims and to observe the Muslim who have weak faith and brought them back to Islamic country’s for  the fear that the West can integrate them easily such muslims in non-Muslim societies . Therefore, the imams have created special provisions for Muslims in non-Islamic countries such as :

Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America

Residing outside Muslim countries.

The conference scholars affirmed that the basis for Muslims is to live and reside inside the Muslim countries to avoid temptations in religion, and to realize the unity, solidarity, and mutual support among the believers. And that it is not permissible for them to leave their Muslim countries except for a good intention, such as seeking knowledge or work or fleeing with religion, etc., with the accompanying intent of return whenever they got the means for that. And that the Muslims of non-Muslim countries should affirm their existence there, and demonstrate their practices of worship, and tolerate whatever harm that may be inflicted upon them, since they are the efficient core and the basic nucleus of implanting Islam in these societies. The conference has also emphasized the diversity of the Shari`ah rulings concerning residing outside Muslim countries for the Muslim communities as dictated by conditions and circumstances: it is ruled out as permissible by Shari`ah for those who are able to demonstrate their religion, and feel secure not to be tempted in their religion; and it is a must for those who teach Islam and take care of the Muslim community there, and refute the enemies` falsehoods; and it is prohibited for those who may be tempted in their religion, and could not freely practice their religious duties there.

Another famous and popular imam , who who has the support of most of the Muslims in the West and USA , says:

(( The ugliest intrigue the enemies of Islam have plotted against Islam has been to try to lure its followers away from it, they have even used force for this purpose. In this regard, Almighty Allah says, [And they will not cease from fighting against you till they have made you renegades from your religion, if they can.] (Al-Baqarah 2:217)…. missionary invasion that aims at uprooting the Muslim community altogether…. and among the Muslim communities and minorities (in non-Muslim countries). One of its goals is to entice Muslims to convert to Christianity … The duty of the Muslim community — in order to preserve its identity — is to combat apostasy in all its forms and wherefrom it comes, giving it no chance to pervade in the Muslim world.

Even the most important Islamic center in Scandinavian countries with collaboration with one famous islamist , accused the Nordic states that they are destroying the Muslim families in order to confiscate their children and turn them to Christianity in order to integrate them into non- Islamic societies . They have said.

((…. the social institutions ( in Nordic countries ) deepening Muslim family’s problems in order to destroy these families and deprive them of their children……….)) (( and the intent of this new strategy is to integrate the Muslims by force and dismantling of these Muslim families.))

Such teachings and accusations lead to the creation of generations living in non-Islamic countries as transits passengers , made and making them  fight Christianity and the Christian societies and to spread the imams ideology.

2- Cooperation with som Muslims imams or Islamists

The West believes or trying to believe that some imams and other Muslims may help in the process of integration of Muslims into European societies. But in terms of security , such cooperation was a mistake because these imams are exploiting such trust for several goals,such as to prevent the integration of Muslims through special methods of distortion of the texts , using Diplomatic style, smiles , fashion clothes and denial of religious violence . As an evidence ,let us read some of the statements made by some imams who according to the west,are moderate and helping to integrate muslims:

  • Sheikh Hassan Moussa, President of the Swedish Board of Imams, the Imam of the mosque imam, Sheikh Sultan Al Nahyan, Stockholm , emphasizes, that the Muslims who are fighting against the Sharia, Muslims who had converted from Islam and the Swedish people are enemy to Islam. He said:


(( There is a group of Muslims in Sweden who are hostile to Islam more than the Swedes )) preacher Amro Khaled . Who intervened to s

((…. even for new generations of Muslims, they are required to integrate negative and not positive, that is to hand over everything, including to accept accept European attitudes and values.))

(( We have paid a price for the absence of the Islamic Action institutional years and lost generations of Muslims, some of them melted in European societies, some of them convert to Christianity and some of them deviated….))

  • The preacher Amro Khaled.Who intervened to solve the problem of Muhammads drawings and went to Denmark and who is one of the most dangerous imams who focuses particularly on women to their importance in the process of giving birth to Muslim jihadists , in addition to his focus on children and youth to prepare them for greatest battle of Islam as he claimed and preventing them from integration by calculated and dangerous methods such as the Hijap which is one of the most important way to insert the imams ideology into muslims minds.However, he asserted to young muslims the following:

Preacher Khaled

(( You should understand that the battle with the enemies of Islam is not a battle a day or two, or a position or two positions, it is a battle to prepare a generation of youth of a nation adheres to his religion, and successful in his career, a genuine morality is strong, and ready to sacrifice all he has for Islam. This generation is now configured in both the Arab and Islamic . Help me in the composition of this generation, you and your friends, do not rush picking fruit prematurely, the victory is coming.

(( Over the life of Islam was violated twice, the first of the Tatars who have continued 100 years and then converted to Islam. And the second in the last 100 years of Britain and France, who studied the cause of erosion Tatars and found that the solution based on two points:

1. Young people to make frivolous and shallow; is only interested in appearances and worldly.

2.Cancellation of affiliation to Islam and Muslim civilization

Another Islamist , Tariq Ramadan, who was born in Geneva in 1962 and the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the “Muslim Brotherhood , teaches Muslims in Europe to fight the secular societies, and begin the deployment of the call to recruit their children and relatives as the Prophet Muhammad did :


( Bearing witness is what we have to do and especially in the West, where many of the people living in a secular society have forgotten the meaning of faith and religious practice, and hardly think of or speak about God. But first, following the example of the Prophet, we should start with our families, our relatives, and ourselves…..The first dimension of our methodology is then to spread knowledge and especially in these secular societies…..Dr. Ramadan at an Islamic centre on 20/6/97 ))

He did not say to convince the Muslims to be Muslims . They are already Muslims . But his intention was to remind them to reject and to fight all that is opposed to the sharia teachings especially secularism, laws and European Morals .In other words, he is fighting the integration, indirectly, by by replacing the original words of the sharia to words accepted by the West. The imam, or Muslim preacher can not be a Muslim unless he fight the European morals , traditions and the secular which is considered the biggest enemy of Islam. And as an affirmation of that, let’s read one of their professors statement:


(( The third and most dangerous and cunning kind is the secular invasion… It seeks to undermine true Islam))

Therefore, and for other reasons, any sheik or a Muslim cleric , can not be a Muslim if he accept the non-Muslims morals and laws .Which also means that it is impossible to believe that they accept the integration of Muslims into European societies.

3- Reliance on some ordinary Muslims

We can divide those into two categories:

  • Common Muslim and those belonging to some European political Parties. They use to deny some of the the imams teachings such as headscarves and they support the integration of Muslims in Western societies by emphasizing that Islam is a call for cooperation and love ..etc…

  • Former Muslims . Those are who have left Islam, or converted to other religions for some reasons .

In fact , both are hurting the process of integration for the following:

  • They know little about the doctrine of imams because 80% of Muslims did not know about their faith more than what their imams wanted them to know

  • Some Of them do not know the difference between some of the Quranic verses and sayings of the imams

  • They can not argue the imams

  • Are not aware of their new religion or belief

For this, they raise the wrath of Muslims and their imams and increase the hostility of Muslims to European countries. This is in addition to that they can not prove their claims . An example of this is that during the twenty years of my experience in this area, I did not see any one of them who was able to prove , for example , that the veil is not from Islam or that drinking alcohol is not forbidden . So all what they have is only allegations without evidence. Such matter can not be tolerated by Muslims.

4- Reliance on non-Muslims

Those are, for example, who studied Islam or lived in some Islamic or Arabic countries …etc… And with all respect for them and for their efforts , but they have not and will not be able to do anything for the following:

  • Their studied based on the teachings of muslims imams which consists of stories , historical interpretations , opinions and statements which mostly incorrect, but written by imams and their assistants for certain reasons

  • Studied the Quran according to the teachings of the Imams , which contradicts the same Quran . For instance, they were taught that the book which in the hands of Muslims is ” Qur’an ”, while the Qur’an is part of that book , that the word ” Alnisa2″ means ”women” while its not , that the Paradise do exist while the same Quran asserts that it does not yet exist, but it will be created at the Day of Resurrection , that the pilgrimage means to go to Mecca in Saudi Arabia , while the Quran asserts that it’s an international meeting could be held even in Israel or Denmark.

Therefore, they are not able to assist in the process of integration of Muslims , because what they have is identical to the imams teaching and they do not have solutions with Islamic evidence, knowing that such solutions would complicate the problem with the Muslims.

5- Allowing Islamic courts

That step was and still an obstacle to integration because such countries prevented and prevent the Muslims to adapt and follow the national laws and increase their association with the doctrine of the imams and Islamic centers which emphasizes the rejection of our laws and morals and the integration process.

6- Allowing Islamic schools

The Islamic school founded by the imams in the knowledge that children can not attend the mosque every day to learn the basics of the doctrine of imams. Therefore, in schools they learn the first important basic which asserts that anything non-Islamic is not acceptable to God. That basic is the imam’s and adults muslims key to enter any time to the child’s mind , who must learn to ask for what the meaning of the rule. Then any Muslim can answer him that secularism, laws other than the Shari’ah, dancing, singing, mixing of women with men …etc… all this and more are forbidden and unacceptable to God . In addition to that , believing and practicing it means to go to the fir. Therefore , the prevent the child to integrate into the non-Muslim societies and with non-Muslims. And even if there are some of them may integrate in those communities, it is not guaranteed to be always or fully integration. As happened when it came to Muhammad drawings, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Encouraging Hamas and Hezbollah …etc…

The Solution

You know that there are those who want to close the Islamic schools and centers , deporting all imams and even deporting most Muslims who refuse to integrate in our socities . While others see the contrary for some reasons. So, the situation is complicated for the followings :

  1. Closure of mosques and deporting Muslims imams

You can close all mosques and Islamic centers and deport all imams , but its unhelpful for many reasons such as :

  • Muslims homes ,their official television and network site are identical to mosque and Islamic center

  • Books, articles and tapes of imams are available wherever you go

  • Moslim’s hatred towards non-Muslims and the rejection of women’s freedom and our values is the doctrine of most Muslims , passed from one generation to another, even without the presence of imams

  • You can not expel all Muslims or even most of them. Because the numbers are enormous and there are other reasons

  • Deporting of some Muslim imams and some ordinary Muslims is not going to change the doctrine of the most remaining Muslims

  • Most of their generations who were born in Europe believe in the basics of the doctrine of Muslims. For example, we have seen what they did when it came to Mohammed drawings, and we saw them in the demonstrations to support Hamas ! Based on my experience in the security strategy and Islamic ideology , it is sufficient that they account 40% to be considered an army against integration.

  • Any Muslim can be an imam in the basics of their ideology , such as the necessity of hatred non-Muslims, the fight against the Jews to the Day of Resurrection, the beating of women, beating children to pray, etc.

2- Keep the mosques and imams

Of course, keeping the mosques and Islamic centers, schools and imams and their books will not solve the problem. And based on what I said earlier , the attempts to integrate Muslims through the same plans and policy will not lead to the required and necessary integration and the problem will continue to leads to :

  • Security instability

  • Exploitation of Muslims to the subject of racism

  • Harming the national economy

  • Constant fear and anticipation

  • Costs are very high

  • Harming our democracy and freedom

  • Violence against women and children

  • Persecution of women

  • Continued compliance by most Muslims to the teachings of imams and mosques and Islamic centers to reject and to fight the integration

So what we do ?

Therfore, we have have studied this problem in several countries over the past seven years. Our research provd that the barriers that prevent Muslims from integrating into non-Muslim societies must be removed by using special tacticwhich is acceptable to Muslims . And when we got the materials , which were and are acceptable to Muslims , we prepared a strategic plan which include the following:

  • Not to offend Islam , Quran or the Prophet Mohammed

  • That all actions are legal

  • Non-cooperation with any imam in the process of integration

  • There’s no need to any cooperation with mosques and Islamic centers

  • Demolition of the first three important barriers by useing evidence , which eliminate the evidence of the imams and Islamic centers via:

  • Conversations with Muslims, especially young men and women

  • Printing booklets in several languages and distribute it in many countries

  • Recording som lecture on CD and distribute it in many countries

  • Calling the imams to public debate because we have prepared for them dozens of questions which they can not answer

  • Building a special website

  • lectures to the security services, immigration services and social institutions

  • Lectures for school students

  • lectures to the integration departments and the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Then we have applied the plan through conversations and evidence with about one hundred Muslims most of them in Arab and Islamic countries and they did not live in any Europ and the results were :

  • They said ” We have lost many years of our lives ,because we believed that we are guided ”

  • They began living new and happy life according to our values

  • Calling for integration with non muslims

  • They had suspended all relations with the teaching which prevented them to itegrate in this world.

Which also means that it is possible to integrate Muslims in our societies if we can prove to them that:

  • Our values and our laws are according to Allah’s teaching

  • Words and deeds of our non Muslims women are based on the teachings of Allah

  • Thier imams teaching and claiming about our societies is not true and contradicting God’s teaching

And so,we can succeed in the integration of hundreds of thousands of Muslims who will also integrate their childrens in our socities, thus turning gradually from the teachings and authority of the imams and Islamic centers .

For more information about our integration’s plan , you are welcome to contact us


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