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What The Media Isn't Telling You About The French Muslim Riots

(Originally published by JTF.ORG on November 23, 2005)



In this two-part series about the savage Muslim riots which have lately racked French society, JTF will point out a few facts about the riots themselves, and about their profoundly important implications for the future of Western civilization, which have somehow escaped the attention of the left-wing, Muslim-loving media.

First, let us examine the riots themselves, on the one hand as widely covered in the media, and on the other hand as they actually took place.

As a preface, note that the riots were the worst disturbances in France since World War II. At their height, over 300 cities and towns were attacked nightly by hordes of black and North African Muslims armed with gasoline bombs, blazing cars (used as attack vehicles) and - as we shall see - guns.

Tens of thousands of cars, trucks and buses were torched; hundreds of buildings burned to the ground; and at least one victim was beaten to death by a Muslim mob after he tried to put out a fire in a trash can. Dozens of French police and firefighters have been injured, and in one incident, two French policemen were seriously hurt by shotgun fire which also slightly wounded eight of their comrades.

France is already 12% Muslim - and things are getting worse by the day

France is already 12% Muslim - and things are getting worse by the day

Near Paris, a 15-month-old infant was struck in the head after Muslims threw rocks at a bus.



Tens of thousands of vehicles were destroyed

The epidemic spread across France, from the north - where it threatened to spill over into Belgium and Germany - to the south, to the Riviera. It was only after weeks of rioting that "only" 80 cities and towns were attacked by mobs in a single night, and the French authorities could breathe a sigh of relief and report that the level of violence in its restive Muslim fifth column had "returned to normal."

The riots were supposed to have been started when a pair of black Muslim youths, chased into a power station by French police, were electrocuted. ("They died for nothing," the rioters screamed, on hearing the news.) The left-wing, Muslim-loving media has repeated this story almost unquestioningly, hardly ever adding that the two youths had prior criminal records, and hardly ever bothering to mention that the French police have repeatedly and vigorously denied chasing the youths - that the "victims" were actually two young Islamic criminals who broke into the station of their own volition, quite likely intent on theft or vandalism.

In a November 7, 2005 "report" - not an editorial, but an actual news article - the Guardian, a left-wing, Muslim-loving, America-hating, Israel-hating British rag, "reported" on the French riots - The French police have vigorously and repeatedly denied that the young black Muslim criminals - who had prior criminal records - were chased into the power station.

In the interest of fair play and fair reporting, the statements of the French police should be given at least as much weight as those of the rioters, who are Muslims and who will therefore lie about everything, especially when dealing with the non-Muslim "infidel," lying to him being a sacred obligation explicitly imposed upon all Muslims in their religious writings, the bloodthirsty bible of Islamic terror - the Muslim terrorist Koran - and its companion work, the Muslim terrorist Hadith.

As in the stories of "Koran desecration" which were lately repeated in Newsweek magazine without the slightest shred of proof, and which led to rioting in the Muslim world which killed over a dozen persons, and which put the lives of "infidels" everywhere at risk, the media are clearly less concerned with getting their facts straight than with slanting the story to their own liking, and to the liking of their Arab Muslim terrorist petrodollar paymasters, into whose hands is now concentrated the majority ownership of the world's news wire services, including the Associated Press (the AP, a.k.a. the "Arab Press"), Reuters and UPI.

Nor have we been given clearly to understand the sheer savagery of the attacks. We have not been informed, for example, that French police and firefighters came under gunfire while attempting to extinguish the blazes set by the Muslim criminals. Nor have we been told that the rioters concentrated their attention on "soft" targets - targets which had very little security because the Westerners who built and maintained them could not conceive of anyone wishing to attack them.

In a scene reminiscent of Iraq, hooded Muslims express their contempt of "infidel" Western society by stomping on a burned-out car



In a scene reminiscent of Israel, Muslim terrorist "youth" hurl stones in Toulouse - In one incident, a 15-month-old infant was struck in the head by a rock aimed at a bus

One such soft target was a hospital, obviously staffed and occupied twenty-four hours a day, which was hit by firebombs. The bombs bounced off the walls of the building instead of going through the windows, as they were intended to do, but the intent of the perpetrators was clear, to burn down the wards of helpless, bedridden patients, many of whom were likely themselves Muslims, enjoying the free medical care of French socialism.

A handful of Muslim terrorist miscreants - a drop in the bucket - are arrested by French police

In addition, dozens of French nurseries and foundling (abandoned baby) hospitals were set ablaze, in some cases by burning cars rammed into the buildings. These attacks, too, were characteristic of Muslim cruelty and barbarity. As the history of the last thirteen hundred years has demonstrated, and as the "sacred" writings of the Muslims themselves attest, the "faithful" man, the Muslim, never troubles his head about the age and sex of his victims. Indeed, the weaker and "softer" his targets, the better they are to his cowardly liking, in part because their deaths and injury are more likely to instill terror in the hearts of the "infidels."

Most importantly, the media has lied outright in denying that the riots were non-white Muslim attacks on white French Christians. While there may have been a few white French "wiggers" among the miscreants - renegades who hate their own country as much as Eminem hates his - the vast majority were indeed of Islamic and Third World extraction, even though the neighborhoods in which the disturbances took place were as much as 50% white French Christian.

In the furtherance of its "big lie," the media has been careful to gloss over the numerous attacks on churches and synagogues which prove conclusively that despite what we have been told, the riots were indeed Muslim in character, not some eruption of social discontent by the "new miserables" of France. Over and over again, by choosing targets that were not only "soft" but religious - and by using as their pretext the "desecration" by French police of a mosque, into which some tear gas may have been thrown - the rioters proved their burning desire to expunge every vestige of Christianity, Judaism and every other non-Muslim religion, from every land foolish enough to welcome demon-possessed Islamic vipers into its bosom.

 The mayor of Carpentras surveys a firebombed nursery.




A nursery at Acheres was burned to the ground - note the collapsed roof - but the pictures of its infants somehow survived.



Part 2

Last week, JTF discussed the recent Muslim riots in France and how the left-wing, Muslim-loving media - the anti-Western, anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish media - "reported" or rather failed to report on their extent and savagery. (We have included our November 23, 2005 article, What The Media Isn't Telling You About The French Muslim Riots (Part 1), in our HOW WE CAN SAVE AMERICA section below.) This week, we will look at "underlying causes," both as the media sees them, and then as they really are.


 Just as the blacks in America, and the Arabs in Israel, have their apologists, so do the Muslims in Europe -British Communists marched side by side with Muslim terrorist sympathizers at a March 2005 demonstration in support of "victory to the Iraqi resistance"

   As it did in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina riots, as it always does following the incessant outrages by blacks, Muslims and assorted Third World gangrene in the United States and abroad, the media was predictably quick to put an anti-Western spin on the violence. Every effort was made to whitewash the violence and terror, by claiming that the Islamic murderers and looters and rioters were somehow justified in their actions, and that their crimes were in fact perpetrated by everybody but the criminals themselves.

It is hardly necessary to go through the whole litany of apologies. We have heard it all before, over and over again, ad nauseam. The rioters are not criminals. They are "disaffected" residents of "impoverished" areas, "rebelling" against a "racist" system which ensures that, through no fault of their own, they will never improve themselves. If only given the proper "opportunity," we are told - if only more billions and trillions were spent on their housing and education and medicine - they would settle down and become willing and productive members of our First World society, eager to work together with us to build a better world.

Over the past few weeks, we have heard many complaints from the left-wing media and cowardly, self-hating whites of Muslim unemployment, and of the supposedly miserable life of Muslims in wretched, poverty-stricken neighborhoods. But we have not heard much about how the unemployment rate in France among all Frenchmen stands at a whopping 10%. Nor have we heard that the neighborhoods in which the Muslims have been rioting are often 50% Christian.

The Christians - need we bother to add? - have not been rioting, no more than there were riots among whites in America during the Depression or among Jews during the hard times which preceded the foundation of Israel. Only Muslims, blacks and Arabs are possessed of the savagery required to destroy their own communities, and those of their neighbors, when things fail to go their way. And only they are given excuses for doing so by a media which viciously condemns as "right-wing extremism" and "religious fanaticism" mild demonstrations of Western outrage like those of the Minutemen in America and Israel's right-wing Jewish dissidents.

In fact, the Muslims in France and the rest of Europe, like the blacks in America and the Arabs in Israel, have never had it so good. France's Muslims have been made citizens by left-wing French governments eager for their votes, so eager that France discriminates not against its Muslims but against its Christians, just as whites are discriminated against in favor of blacks in the United States, and just as Jews are discriminated against in favor of Arabs in Israel.

Like America and Israel, France has spent fortunes trying to employ the Muslims, to educate their inbred and retarded children, and to clean up the filthy hovels which they have spread over the French landscape. (Parts of Paris, once one of the most beautiful cities, if not the most beautiful city, in the world, have been turned into garbage-strewn, urine-stained imitations of America's most infamous rat hole, the South Bronx.) Billions have been spent on free daycare, free housing, free education, free medicine, and cushy, make-work federal jobs which are practically sinecures, patronage jobs from which the employees cannot be fired.

The arrogance of the French Muslims almost surpasses their ignorance and violence. It is not, after all, as if they can claim that life was better for them in their nasty Muslim homelands, racked by war, oppression, injustice, disease, poverty, the rape and genital mutilation of women and girls, mass murder, and every other ill which violence and laziness and stupidity and mistrust and envy breed in Third World societies. (At the present time, November 2005, thereare a dozen savage wars raging in the Arab world, none covered in the news.)

Why else would there be - as there presently are - 300 million Muslims poised eagerly on the southern borders of Europe, its new "soft underbelly," eagerly awaiting the chance to come swarming in? Why else, for that matter, would most of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims salivate at the thought of escape from their own nasty lands of Islam?

The savage Muslim riots which have racked France for the past few weeks are - or should have been - an object lesson for every non-Muslim "infidel," in America and Israel, in Europe and in every other civilized nation of the globe. After decades of coddling Muslims, after decades of inviting them into France and appeasing them with socialist welfare handouts comparable to the "affirmative action" giveaways of America, the undeserving Muslims of France have expressed their gratitude for French largesse by unequivocally demonstrating that they will stop at nothing to suck an "infidel" nation dry.

Today, Europe is clearly being led down the garden path to destruction by leaders like Jacques "Iraq" Chirac, who once armed Saddam Hussein with a nuclear reactor, and who recently boasted that France's recklessly lax immigration policies would keep France free of Islamic terrorism; and former German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder, who complained in the months before September 11th that Germany does not have enough Muslim "workers."

By the same token, we do not need an Ariel Sharon in Israel, making increasingly "painful concessions" to Arab Muslim terrorists. We do not need a George Wahabi Bush ordering the State Department to encourage even more Muslim parasites to come to the United States.

Instead, we need leaders willing to face the problem of Islam realistically, and willing to take the steps needed to deal with its violent and growing threat to world peace and stability.

There is no way to save America from moral and spiritual destruction - which will lead to physical destruction - unless right-wing righteous Gentiles are prepared to lead a massive civil disobedience revolt against the traitors destroying this once great nation.

If we are willing to mobilize now, it is not too late to save America. For the sake of America, Israel
and the West, we hope and pray that we can motivate G-d-fearing American patriots to act.

Africans get the finest Western medical care in France, at no cost to themselves - what do they have in their own wretched homelands? -A disease-stricken African is treated with hot water from a tea kettle, dispensed by a nurse who protects his hand from infection with a plastic baggie

A horrible image of African starvation

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