onsdag 14 oktober 2009

Muslim youth burn garages in Sweden

Muslim youth burn garages in Sweden counter_jihad

Your nightly car fire in Sweden

SVD -- Alexandra Hernadi

Nya bränder på Hisingen

I natt har det återigen brunnit på Hisingen i Göteborg. Två garagelängor i Biskopsgården sattes i brand på bara en halvtimme och ett garage totalförstördes – sammanlagt brann det på fyra olika ställen.

Burning car in Sweden

The night has once again burned in Hisingen in Gothenburg. Two underground parking garages in Biskopsgården were set on fire within 30 minutes, and a garages was totally destroyed - in total, four places burned down.
The events are considered as arson and police does not rule out a connection between the various fires.
"No persons have been injured but several cars and parts of buildings were damaged," says Christian Valkama, from the Gothenburg police to SvD.se.
In total, Muslims set fire in four different places in Hisingen - a garbage bin, an RV, and in two different garages. The garages are insulated from housing so there was no risk of fire spreading, according to police.
Police have not arrested any Muslim offenders yet.
During the night the police searched the area with more patrols and K-9 units without success. In the morning the police will continue the investigation of all crime scenes with CSI units.

The diversity!

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