söndag 11 oktober 2009

What muslims want- not what your country offers

One poster on Utube said:

I cant believe muslims complain about being persecuted. I am a xian and hear about muslims killing and persecuting xians in Islamic countries weekly and it has been going on for centuries. Why don't they try and remove that rather than just complain about british foreign policy.

Another poster said:

I watched this to get another picture of muslims but as usual it has just confirmed all my prejudices
muslim need to shut up - what a load of morons! Every time they speak they make Islam less credible
and the survey shows them in too moderate a light
obviously they knew it was a survey for TV so they would not have said anything honest or extreme in the answers
but their *guarded* answers are bad enough!
Imagine what the TRUE opinion of muslims is about Britain and the British!!




A poster said in regards to clip 4:

Muslims say there should not be any free speech, but saying there should be no free speech and protesting in the street is is FREE SPEACH!

Another one said:

"If I didn’t follow or argue on smething I m not lynched!I m not labeled Kafir and stoned!"
Your write, you are not stoned, you are burned and gang- raped by 40 men if you happen to be a Christian Nun.
Or your are beaten with sticks and burned alive if you happen to be spreading christianity.
Say hi to the Nazi worshipping RSS for me”


To this clip a poster responded:

I am nor racist nor ignorant.
I read the Qoram and I saw that alla orders the killing of infidels and a tax to infidels turned islamics. I never saw a pastor in the streets of a islamic country. In Saudi Arabia, at customs upon arrival, if you have a bible, either you throw your bible in the garbage or you return to the plane. Then they want me to accept them? Shoeve your alla up your. Go back to your cave. Check google earth, Israelis constructed a beautiful country.

Another one:

this is a civil war waiting to happen

Another one:

Islam is not only a religion, it is a political organisation bent on conversion, domination and finally annihilation if the first two dont work.


its amazing everybody is the blame for their shit. You do them favor and its never enough.

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