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If You Knew Islam Like I Know Islam

Planck’s Constant  23 Feb 2009 Länk:

I get one or two emails, sometimes a half-dozen, a day complaining about my blog. I answer them all and I must admit that I have assembled a collection of canned responses to them. However I have become quite bored cutting and pasting the same old replies to the same repeated whines and so I thought that I should make one one post with all the possible answers to my emails.

If you got here because I gave you this link in reply to your email then pick which complaint(s) you levied against me and read my stock response(s).

Q. Why are you so anti-Muslim?

A. I am not anti-Muslim - I am not even anti-Islam. I am opposed to Islam spreading to the modern world. As long as Muslims remain in the sands of Arabia I don't care if you honor kill each other, slaughter each other, or stone women who commit adultery or kill those who convert away from Islam - that's your business.

I do not want Muslims in my country (or in Europe) because Muslims cannot and will not assimilate. I do not want to be ruled under Shariah law and that is what we will have in America (or Europe) if too many Muslims come in. Is that unfair? Is it fair that my culture has to be obliterated because Muslims consider it depraved? I like women going around scantily dressed. I like it that people can eat whatever they like, pork or whatever. I like it that we aren't forced to pray 5 times a day. I like free speech. I like being blasphemous. I like being rude. I like to offend people. Living under Islamic rule will interfere with my hobbies.

Q. Your Muslim joke page is insulting and not funny to Muslims. Do you think Jews would find Jewish Jokes funny?

A. Obviously you have never seen Jackie Mason perform - he's a Jewish comedian and more than half of his material is Jewish Jokes. If you cannot laugh at your culture, your religion, your nationality then sadly you are taking yourself much too seriously. Isn't there some happy Arabic aphorism such as, "Laugh and the whole world laughs with you; cut their throats with a nasty knife and they'll stop laughing."?

Q. Islam is the second largest religion in the world and growing faster than any other. Isn't that proof that people recognize the beauty of Islam and therefore are converting to it?

A. Islam is growing faster than any other religion because Muslims have a high fertility rate because Muslim men marry girls as young as 9 and keep them pregnant and ignorant. It is well-known that those with higher intelligence and better jobs have (in general) fewer children. Given that most Muslims (not all) have neither intelligence nor employment, we can expect Islam to continue growing; and not because there is any beauty in it. Add to that the fact that once a Muslim always a Muslim; that is to say no one can change their mind. Oh sure, an American convert living in America can become Muslim and change his mind, but not if he's in Pakistan.

Of course, Islam is growing. So does cancer; doesn't mean it's right.

Q. You state that Muslims have done bad things when in actual fact Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, honour killings, rapes, stonings, beheadings, vaginal mutilation, etc. These bad things are caused by a minority or are cultural things and nothing to do with Islam.

A. Yes, I admit all those bad things are due to primitive, savage, violent, brutal, and backward cultures. However; it is interesting to note that those cultural barbarities are not quelled, moderated, or discouraged by the religion of those who engage in those activities. Certainly there were honor killings in Brazil, but they were outlawed decades ago. Vikings enjoyed raping women hundreds of years ago, but naked women can walk freely in non-Muslim areas of Norway and Sweden without worry of harm. Every culture came from a primitive, savage past. But every culture save Islam allows change. Because the Quran is uncreated and absolute, it cannot be changed. Mohammed's advice to beat one's wife (after first giving her a warning and then shunning her) cannot and will not change for the next ten thousand years.

If vikings were Muslims they would be back to raping and pillaging because there would be nothing in their religion to stop them. As proof, a tiny minority of Muslims are the cause of most of the terror in the world yet the 1.499999 billion non-terrorist-Muslims do nothing to stop them. There are more Christians than Muslims yet when a handful of Christian fanatics started bombing abortion clinics, the Christian world was outraged. Anti-abortion priests even offered a reward to capture them; When was the last time a group of Muslims offered a reward to capture Islamic bombers?

Q. You know nothing about Islam - read the Quran - do some research

A. Dear Muslim, if you weren't blinded by your religion and you read the Quran as an intelligent person, you would not be Muslim, provided of course they allowed you to live. Yes, I've read the Quran - that's why I am afraid of Islam. The reason that America and Europe even allow Muslims in is precisely because most people are quite ignorant of Islam and have not read the Quran. I can assure you that if they did, I wouldn't need to write a blog warning the world about your religion.

If you, dear Ahmed or Fatima, think Islam is a religion of peace then you are quite naive. Do you honestly believe that Mauritania, Somalia, Western Sahara, Maldives, Afghanistan, Turkey, Yemen, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran, Comoros, Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan all became 96% to 99% Muslim because the former Christians, Hindus, Assyrians, Jews, Animists, Sikhs, Baha'i, and Zoroastrians who lived there before simply found Islam so divine, so compelling and beautiful that they converted without force or oppression? Are you that gullible?

Q. Why are you picking on Muslims - don't you have other things to occupy your mind?

A. Less than half of my articles are about Islam. And as I wrote above, if you stayed in Arabia and minded your own business I wouldn't write squat about your religion.

Do not see your question here? Email me and I will make sure to have a canned response prepared.

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